Our Story

The Popsicle Guys

An inspiration from our local traditional ice popsicle back in the 1980s that were made of artificial flavourings and colourings, Sng Bao or Air Batu, is a popular childhood favourite for the young and the young at heart. It was definitely our founders' favourite too. They can vividly recall those younger days where they would save their pocket money and secretly buy them from the convenience store near the playground. 

Till today, Sng Bao or Air Batu remains as one of the top childhood icy treat that many never grow out of. Inspired by it, our founders decided to add a modern twist to it while keeping its traditional touch.

Our mission is simple:
To create healthy delectable popsicles that everyone can enjoy.

Frozt Moments

Customers' satisfaction is vital to our success. Hence, our team is dedicated to create not only amazing products but also unforgettable 'Frozt' moments.

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