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Popsicles — A Childhood Memory For Everyone - Frozt | Popsicles for Everyone

Popsicles — A Childhood Memory For Everyone

Popsicles. As simple as that word is, it brings back tons of nostalgia and memories for many people regardless of your age, gender or demographics. Enjoyed by everyone alike, this childhood favourite from mama-shops never fails in making the day a little better.

If you're not familiar with Frozt — hello and g'day to you! We're a fun-loving popsicle company based in Singapore, founded by two brothers. At this point you've probably already began to wonder: "why on earth popsicles?"

Now would be a good time to let you know that the two of us have an insatiable sweet tooth. But jokes aside, popsicles are symbolic of many fond memories from our childhood and we'll get a little deeper into that shortly.

Popsicles in Singapore

If you're old enough, you might be familiar with popsicles which go by a myriad of names in Singapore (sng bao, air batu, ice pops, ice sticks... you name it). They're most commonly found in convenience shops (also referred to as 'mama shops') but you could also find them in your average supermarkets.

Well... the reason why they hold such a dear place in many locals' hearts is because of how accessible it was. We think a lot of you can relate to a sweaty playground session with the other kids in the neighbourhood, followed by a quick run to the convenience shop. The wide array of drinks and snacks never failed to thrill, but the one thing that always remained satisfying just as much as it was affordable, are popsicles.

With tons of flavours such as grape, strawberry and orange to choose from, a mere 20 cents can afford you immense (albeit temporary) bliss. Getting one of these popsicles meant asking the mama-shop uncle to cut off the top with a pair of scissors before directing all our energy into sucking whatever melted juice from that icy-cold popsicle. The burst of sugar balanced with the half-ice-half-liquid contents of a popsicle made the perfect remedy to cool down just about anyone amidst Singapore's sweltering heat.

Humble Beginnings

Just like many fellow Singaporeans, we've had our fair share of popsicles and recall just how much joy it brought us to be able to indulge in these cheap thrills.

As we grew up, we were faced with a tough pill to swallow: these popsicles weren't exactly boasting nutritional value. Don't get us wrong, we still enjoyed indulging in them from time to time but it became apparent that this isn't something we should be having everyday. Loaded with sugar, artificial flavouring and additives — this beloved icy treat screamed "guilt" with every lick.

It was around this time that all our peers were getting jobs in so many different sectors and industries, so we thought long and hard about what we wanted our niche to be. Looking back, we could've just as easily started an apparel or candle store but hey, where's the fun in that?

The popsicles from our childhood that we relished in, inspired us to kick-start Frozt but of course we were going to add a twist to it!

Popsicles With a Twist

The biggest pain point that we observed was how comparable popsicles were to junk food. And we wanted to change that.

Our vision for Frozt was to create healthy alternatives to popsicles without compromising on taste. We know the term "healthy" isn't exactly appealing because let's face it: who cares about ice-cream, popsicles or junk food in general being healthy? Nonetheless, we wanted to make popsicles revolutionary by proving that we didn't have to compromise on the taste or quality of a product that has the potential of being equally healthy.

Frozt's popsicles are made with no artificial ingredients (yes, you read that right). We use the freshest available fruits and quality ingredients to replace artificial flavouring and have recently launched a brand new 'Lower in Sugar' collection after vigorous research and development.

Not only that, our entire range of popsicles are vegan and dairy-free — which makes it the perfect treat to beat the heat regardless of your dietary requirements.

We're now proud to say that not only have we found our niche, we've become popsicle connoisseurs ourselves from all these years of eating popsicles along with the trial & error with our own products as well.

And since our brand is uniquely local, we couldn't possibly miss out local favourites such as Durian and Soursop! Try your hand at one of our popsicles today and taste the difference for yourself.

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