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The Story Behind Frozt: How We Became Singapore's Favourite Popsicle Brand - Frozt | Popsicles for Everyone

The Story Behind Frozt: How We Became Singapore's Favourite Popsicle Brand

The Story Behind Frozt: How We Became Singapore's Favourite Popsicle Brand

Frozt is founded by two brothers Glen and Terence back in 2018. It was an inspiration from our local traditional ice popsicle back in the 1980s that were made of artificial flavourings and colourings, Sng Bao or Air Batu, a popular childhood favourite for the young and the young at heart. It was definitely our founders' favourite too. They can vividly recall those younger days where they would save their pocket money and secretly buy them from the convenience store near the playground.

The Birth of Frozt Popsicles

Till today, Sng Bao or Air Batu remains as one of the top childhood icy treat that many never grow out of. Inspired by it, our founders decided to add a modern twist to it while keeping its traditional touch. They wanted to create a popsicle that not only tasted good but was also made from quality ingredients.

The brothers started experimenting in their kitchen and after several trials, they finally created a recipe that was not only delicious but also healthy - Frozt popsicle was born.

The Journey to Becoming Singapore's Favourite Popsicle Brand

In the beginning, the brothers started selling their popsicles at pop-up events and farmers' markets. The response was overwhelming, and they quickly gained a following. Soon, they started receiving requests from local businesses to supply their popsicles. Today, Frozt supplies to a wide range of establishments and businesses ranging from hotels, schools, restaurants, cruises and events all over Singapore.

What Sets Frozt Apart from Other Popsicle Brands

Frozt stands out from other popsicle brands because of its commitment to using only quality ingredients. All our popsicles are made using real fruits. We believe that good food should not only taste good but should also be good for your health.

Frozt also offers a wide range of flavours, including local favourites such as mango and soursop. We also have exotic flavours such as avocado and durian that appeal to those looking for something different.

Our popsicles are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free, making them accessible to everyone regardless of their dietary restrictions.

The Future of Frozt Popsicles

Frozt is constantly innovating and coming up with new flavours to keep things exciting for our consumers. We are also exploring ways to expand our reach and introduce Frozt to new markets.

Frozt has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the founders' kitchen. We are now Singapore's favourite popsicle brand, and we owe it all to our commitment to using quality ingredients and our passion for creating delicious and healthy popsicles. We hope to continue to bring joy to our customers' taste buds with our refreshing and flavourful popsicles for many years to come.

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